Some stories Take a Third Option and explore how a culture is affected the absence of men by giving the characters other motivations. Allies that can join you (other freedom fighters and defecting Soviet soldiers) also seem to be able to take a good deal of damage as well.

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Jason, by contrast, has the most enthusiasm for dramas. As Long as It Sounds Foreign: In “Broken Bow”, Hoshi says she doesn’t think that Klingonese has an expression for “thank you”, but The Klingon Dictionary includes the verb tlho’ for “to thank” (in context it would be conjugated as matlho’, “I thank all of you”).

The Mole: Acastus, sent by Pelias to kill Jason when he looks like getting the Golden Fleece. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Elric brothers and Winry are the most purely heroic characters; the heroes from the State Military are more gray, being former war criminals who want to atone Replica Hermes Handbags for their sins; Replica Designer Handbags Greed and Scar are fairly sympathetic antagonists until they become Anti Heroes; there’s Barry the Chopper who is the Token Evil Teammate for Replica Stella McCartney bags the State Military heroes he’s clearly Evil; finally, the other villain characters are definitely very far down toward the evil extreme of the scale (Shou Tucker and “Dr Goldtooth”).

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