Big Sister Mentor: Constancia was this to Brin, though she was his older cousin rather than a sibling. It’s clear he respects her, even if their personalities tend to grate on each other. Black Magician Girl / Lady of Black Magic: Farideh is right on the borderline between these as a warlock, her magic is highly focused on destruction and offense, and in addition she’s rather too reserved for the former trope but not mature or regal enough for the latter.

Replica Goyard Bags Stella desperately wanted to be among that group, but missed her flight. She ends up reconnecting with her estranged husband Eben and promising that they will watch the sunrise together. The promise is kept, but only because Eben was willing to infect himself in order to save Stella. Had she made her intended flight, she might never have patched up her relationship with Eben. Replica Goyard Bags

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