“What still sounds like a fairy tale today could be reality tomorrow. Here’s a fairy tale from beyond tomorrow: There are no more nation states, there is just humanity and her colonies in space. Distant planets are being settled, the sea bottom has been won for habitation. With as yet unimaginable velocities spaceships speed through our galactic system. One of these spaceships is the Orion, a tiny part of a gigantic defence system that protects Earth from threats from outer space. It consists of seven one hour episodes (no commercials) and practically impossible to find outside of its mother country. Like a certain concurrent American TV series, it was about a bunch of people that actually patrolled space. For connoisseurs of science fiction and the related tropes, Raumpatouille is of interest because in some respects it enables one to test the popular hypothesis of how “cutting edge” Star Trek really was at the time. Most notably in the field of gender roles, Raumpatrouille showed that more substantial female roles than Bridge Bunnies actually were possible on TV in 1966.

A Commander Is You: As is only natural for an RTS. Action Bomb: Demolition Clockwork Men. All Theories Are True: Helicopters follow Leonardo Da Vinci’s “aerial screw” drawings, long since proven aerodynamically impossible. All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Well, except that the Doge has no intention of actually HOLDING Miana. Once you defeat him and his Doom Cannon, he uses a second one to burn your city to the ground as he runs away. Animal Motifs: The Cuotl “gods” and the units built after them use this trope in their design. Czin, Xil, and Shok respectively take after the snake, the jaguar and the eagle. The fourth Cuotl god, Ix, is designed either after a wolf or a jackal. Arabian Nights/Days: The Alin are based on this trope. Their floating cities are located in a vast desert, and their lands are full of magical creatures made up of fire and glass. There are, of course, genies. Interestingly, the Alin are on the verge of being overrun by the so called Dark Alin, creatures born of magic fueled by an alien artifact. The intro film shows Alin forces besieging a Vinci city in a clear case of Magic Versus Technology. This never happens in the game, however. The other Fantasy Counterpart Cultures in the game are the Vinci (Renaissance era Italy fueled by Leonardo’s Steam Punk and Clock Punk inventions) and the Cuotl (a Mayincatec culture using technology given by their Sufficiently Advanced Alien masters). While the Alin Vinci battle never happens in the game, the ending heavily implies that, with the Alin no longer under threat, they are looking West towards the Vinci city states to expand their territory. Arbitrary Headcount Limit: Unlike Rise of Nations, where the unit cap was based on your level of Military research, this one bases it on the number of Cities and Military Districts you have. Are These Wires Important?: Giacomo, during the climax of Act 2 http://jorgequadros.com.br/all-of-cheyennes-men-and-the-last-five-of-mortons-men/, rips out the wires in the Doge’s laser, causing it to blow up in the latter’s face the next time he tries to fire. Attack of the 50 Foot Whatever: The Land Leviathan, true to its name, is one Humongous Mecha. Badass Boast: Courtesy of Carlini:Carlini: I’ve been a soldier for 43 years, got my leg blown off, served in two wars, killed more men than I can count, and I’ve never backed down from anything in my life. I’m sure as hell not gonna start now.

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