In Green Lantern: Rebirth, Hal Jordan’s 90s Face Heel Turn is explained and excused as a result of his possession by Parallax, a “Fear Entity” and literal Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. Parallax has since become the Big Bad of a crossover event, one of the cornerstones of modern GL Continuity, and was depicted as the giant floating CGI head of Clancy Brown in The Movie (for better or for worse). So while he is a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, he’s a beloved one.

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Replica bags No Ending: While the Mane Six do learn a lesson, the episode doesn’t have a resolution. It just stops, with the Mane Six having been shut inside the castle, and the massive pony crowd outside still arguing. Noisy Shut Up: The only way Twilight can quiet the crowd of fans and critics is to magically amplify her voice and shout “Listen to me!” Odd Friendship: The reporter stallion claims that some readers of the Journal find it difficult to believe the Mane Six would be friends. Replica bags

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Replica Goyard Bags The original strip ran from 1950 to 1965, with a number of format changes and a general decline in quality in the last few years. Aerial Canyon Chase: Subverted during the ‘All Treens Must Die’ storyline. After being released from his imprisonment for genocide as Earth, now with its defences offline, came under a surprise assault from the Mekon’s invasion force, in a last, desperate bid to do something, Dan and his crew were bunged into the Anastasia and told to do whatever they could. When one enemy fighter launched a missile on their tail, Dan tried to use the local canyon to escape it. Unfortunately, the missile was just as good, and his attempts to get back out of the canyon were thwarted by fighter wings at a higher altitude keeping them pinned down. With a mountain looming up ahead, Dan tried pulling straight up anyway, noted the missile was still unfazed, and just turned to his crew and apologised. Annie promptly took the missile up the tailpipe. A Father to His Men: Sir Hubert, as Dan explicitly pointed out to some politicians who wanted to destroy a space station he was on at the time. Dan himself was more of a Brother to his Men. Animated Adaptation: There was a CGI Dan Dare cartoon at the Turn of the Millennium. As You Know: Lampshaded in an early strip:Dan: The impulse waves are broadcast into space from stations on the Earth, Moon and Mars, picked up by the ships and stored in Impulse Cylinders like a battery stores electricity. Then the waves are fed to the engines as required it saves carrying tons of fuel right? Replica Goyard Bags

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