Heel Realization: Tucker when he finds himself faced with a similar choice to that of the opening. Hellish Copter: Gabe takes down Qualen’s chopper by securing it to a cliffside ladder, keeping Qualen tethered and unable to escape. Hero of Another Story: Matheson would have been The Hero in another film.

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May be the Ur Example of this trope for video games. Precision Guided Boomerang: The Boomerang Cross. Recurring Riff: “Vampire Killer,” perhaps the theme for the entire series. Rewarding Vandalism: You get most of your power ups by whipping candles. And you get items and food from smashing certain blocks.

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I was Principal of Bedford Free School for five years, and showing families around during the day was one of the best bits of the job. They were always taken aback at how calm and happy the place was, and intrigued at our “silent corridors” too (where kids go from lesson to lesson like Trappist monks very zen!). I always loved being grilled by prospective parents any good head will, as it shows that they are taking things seriously. But more importantly, it’s a chance to talk about the school you love.