This would be a Justified Trope, but people avoiding or regretting abortion is a common theme in Jodi Picoult’s stories. Gossipy Hens: The women Gus (Chris’ mother) sees in the grocery store. High School Sweethearts: Emily and Chris, of course. Set in the prehistoric era, The Croods is a CG animated family film from DreamWorks Animation, about an overprotective caveman father named Grug whose one rule among his family is to never leave their cave. When his daughter Eep grows into a curious teenager, she wanders outside. Encroaching earthquakes destroy their home while the family is outside, forcing them to seek shelter elsewhere. Also the firework bombs at Waitrose. Kill the Cutie: Several of the innocent child characters die throughout the series, including Joel in The Enemy, Olivia in The Fear, and Paddy in The End. Killed Mid Sentence: The seemingly uninfected adult Seamus is killed like this by Ollie in The Fallen.

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Replica Handbags Meaningful Name: Apart from those characters named after historical figures and philosophers, we have Ethan Rom, which is an anagram for “Other man.” Applied strangely in the case of the spiritual, faith obsessed John Locke, who seems like the polar opposite of his empiricist namesake. A boon is a blessing, a favor or a gift. Locke tells Jack that Boon(e) was a sacrifice that the Island demanded. Major Fleischer had hair in his ears. Sometimes he pretended to be her friend, “like a good uncle”. At other times he was threatening. In “General Winter”, at the Replica Hermes beginning of the episode, Hadji is seen reading a book on battle strategy and trying to lecture Jonny on the importance of it. Later on, this saves them after they escape from Vostok and Hadji frees his other prisoners who end up saving the rest of the team. Clueless Aesop: The ending of “Ndovu’s Last Journey,” wherein the Quests decide not to reveal the location of the elephant graveyard Replica Handbags.