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cheap adidas Christopher; Derek M. Ciampi; Shailee A. Clark; Lindsay L. Facebook twitter google+ emailBugatti launches Black Bess at Beijing Motor Show, the fifth and penultimate special edition Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse This is the Black Bess, the fifth and penultimate special edition Bugatti Veyron based on the Grand Sport Vitesse.It’s made its debut at the Beijing Motor Showand, in keeping with the rest of Bugatti’s ‘Legends’ series, only three will ever be made.Once again, the luxury French brand has chosen to celebrate a notable name from its past, reviving the 1913 Type 18 “Black Bess” originally owned by French aviation pioneer Roland Garros.The carbon fibre body has been painted entirely in black with gold detailing, an echo of its historical namesake’s styling. Adding a modern touch to the current design are intricate gold coloured stripes running from below the headlights and over the front wings towards the rear.Inside the Black Bess Legend Vitesse, the light ‘Beige’ leather used for the centre console and cabin rear is contrasted by “Havanna” tone trim for the dashboard, door interiors and cowl panel. Meanwhile, the ‘Crimson’ leather used for the steering wheel rim is a further reference to the historic Type 18.Also helping to mark out the interior are hand painted sketches on the door panel leather cheap adidas.