A Day in the Limelight: Usually, Marissa isn’t heard as she’s running things behind the scenes. But she’ll take over for Kathy when Kathy is out. A Good Name for a Rock Band: Preston keeps a list and adds to it whenever a good one comes up. Artistic License Medicine: Averted in the show proper they often have real medical professionals call in to help them on topics of medicine. Blatant Lies: Sometimes, someone (usually Steve) will just say outright lies to get a laugh. Broadcast Live: With a few exceptions when they take vacation (and a segment from the previous day aired at 5:30 before the show begins), they do it all live. Butt Monkey: Caseyboy, frequently. The current crop of interns, whomever they are, are usually also this. Catch Phrase: Gadzooks! Preston usually ends the show with “Rage on!” Deadpan Snarker: Steve has an uncanny ability to deliver funny lines completely straight. Failure Is the Only Option: This is how they think whenever they try out a new game on air. I Have Many Names: Preston is given a nickname for for various segments, such as the Noticer, the Historian, and the Connoisseur. Indy Ploy: They do (attempt) to plan games out in advance, but they frequently require onsite adjustments. Hell Is That Noise: A lot of the noises that come out of Nick’s mouth defy all logic. Long Runner: The show has been on the air, in some format, since the 90’s and is still going strong. Refuge in Audacity: A staple for Steve. Running Gag: If these don’t develop organically, fans who call in will usually bring them up. “YOU GUYS ROCK!” “Hey bitches?” “Hey what!” Kathy “moisturizing” her boobs. Self Deprecation: They never take themselves or the show too seriously. Trademark Favorite Food: Casey loves cookies. Wham Line: It was revealed in early January 2015 that Steve had had prostate cancer removed over the 2014 holiday (he’s fine now)

Gratuitous English: Averted and parodied. I Know Karate: In addition to a multiple of other talents, Freddie is a kung fu master with moves such as the Phoenix Blow. Japanese Ranguage: In his Crossover review with Yanki J, Yanki J pulls out a TV remote to turn everything Psychotaku says into english (since there’s no subtitles available.) Everything he says still comes out as incredibly thick Engrish. Which then gets subtitled in some places anyway. Large Ham: See No Indoor Voice below. New Job as the Plot Demands: Freddie seems to have a new job, related to the item of the day, every time. Ranging from a wildly eccentric Chef to a karate master. Lampshaded in the Magical Taruruuto kun video http://ldgconstruccion.com/it-turns-into-a-weapon-that-can-pierce-the-field/, where Psychotaku comments on Freddie’s new job choice (wizard). No Export for You: The whole concept of the show. No Indoor Voice: See Large Ham above. Otaku: Duh Rainbow Speak: Psychotaku’s subtitles. Sentai: He has a battle for Super Sentai Street Cred with JewWario of That Guy with the Glasses, and only loses when he has to review the first American series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Take Over the World: Not only has the Psychotaku made the statement that after he defeats Freddie, he’ll move on to this, he has also stated that if he kills all the humans, dogs and cats will do this. Wrestler in All of Us: Mark Fujita, The actor who plays the Psychotaku “is an actual professional Wrestler, named Hop Sing Lee” as he has stated in his Psychoblog. He’s the tag team champ of an indy company with L’emperor.

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