The time travelers arrive to discover the Pliocene is already inhabited by a dimorphic race of aliens (‘exotics’). The exotics, who have fled their home galaxy because of religious persecution, are marooned on Pliocene Earth as well. The exotics have difficulty reproducing on Earth, and so have enslaved many of the humans in an effort to overcome this problem, interbreeding with the more robust humans and influencing the legends of Celtic Mythology and The Fair Folk. Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Marc and Elizabeth, although Marc comes back as Atoning Unifex in the Galactic Milieu trilogy, and it is revealed that Elizabeth died. Big Dam Plot: Felice destroys the natural structure at Gibraltar that keeps the Atlantic from filling the Mediterranean Sea, thus wiping out the Tanu capital city in a Giant Wall of Watery Doom. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: Felice’s dagger is useful for “picking teeth, cutting sandwiches, pricking out transponders from rustled cattle, and putting out the lights of casual assaulters.” Brought Down to Normal: Elizabeth after her accident in the Milieu. Her power is then restored by the trauma of passing through the time gate. Butt Monkey: Tony Wayland, oh so much. This guy just can’t catch a break Until the very end. Of course, this is to be expected given that he is a not so subtle nod to the mythical Wayland Smith. Combat Pragmatist: Aiken Drum, whose explanation of this might as well be the Combat Pragmatist Creed: I fight with the weapons I have. It’s the only sensible way.

Gag Series: Oh, Hell yes. Gargle Blaster: A rare non alcoholic version Shrimpola Cola. It combines the taste of cola and 12 week old sun dried shrimp and will burn your brain, as advertised by its rapping shrimp mascot Shrimpy. General Failure: Well, gee, General Specific is trying to catch one sheep in a place where a sheep would stick out like a sore thumb, and people aren’t all too fond of sheep, but as easy as it sounds, he keeps messing up. Genre Savvy: The Narrator, at times, flying into a rage during an episode that was merely a series of dreams, and again when Sheep gets amnesia. His Name Really Is “Barkeep”: Far Mer John. Honest John’s Dealership: The Oxymoron guy, Victor, qualifies. Hot Scientist: Dr Cliche, a volcano “expert” who doesn’t know anything about volcanoes. She refers to magma as “red, hot melty stuff”. Hurricane of Puns: The entire show is a nonstop strong gust of puns, but occasionally it can go full on hurricane. Often to the narrator’s dismay. Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All chapter titles contain some sheep related pun, except for the one ironically named “Some Pun on the word Sheep”. Improbable Weapon User: Lady Richington wears a wig made of solid stainless steel, which she likes to use as a blunt weapon on Sheep. Incompetence, Inc.: The Oxymoron Corporation, whose products are featured in the episodes themselves, and advertised between segments. Among their products and services are “Shrimpola Cola”, a cola with 12 week old sun dried shrimp inside that causes severe brain burns, Oxymoron Batteries which are pretty powerful but drains your life force as a power source, their incredibly poorly managed Oxymoron Airlines where the staff has its human decency literally sucked out of their souls to ensure an unpleasant experience and the “Super Cool Fresh Rocket Ball”, which is, in fact, a metal cube, that somehow requires 97 batteries to work. Insistent Terminology: The Angry Scientist would get especially angry if anyone referred to him as a Mad Scientist. “Angrrrrry! I am an ANGRRRRRRRY scientist!” Interspecies Romance: Sheep and his girlfriend Swanky, a poodle. Iron Butt Monkey: Sheep is subject to enormous amounts of physical abuse in almost every episode. However it takes a LOT to actually keep him down. It Runs on Nonsensoleum: There’s actually had a robot called “the plot device”, leading to conversations like:Woman: How did you get here so fast.

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