Aesop Amnesia: No one seems to realise that getting too emotionally involved with patients or even just your co workers never ends well. Much exploited for the Rule of Drama but may be partially justified since there is an element of Truth in Television and usually (but not always) happens to younger characters who haven’t been around long enough to know better.

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Falabella Replica Bags Compare Buy Them Off, where a character attempts to use a form of bribery to atone for evil actions, and Villain with Good Publicity, for characters who take bribery, coercion, and fraud to a whole different level. Contrast Bribe Backfire, which is what happens when the briber underestimates the price and/or integrity of his/her target and Money Is Not Power, where the situation may be bad enough (or the person is driven enough) that whatever “the price” may be, it is not possible to pay with money (and most certainly will doom a “rich” character). Falabella Replica Bags

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