Chaste Hero: Randy personifies this trope. He knows he’s attracted to Cindy, and that the feeling’s mutual, but is completely clueless in the ways of courtship he still believes babies come from storks. This changes: He now has kits. Childhood Marriage Promise: Apparently there was one between Cindy and Trapper, but Dusk derailed it by telling him to go out and climb the furthest mountain he could find to “prove himself worthy” (leaving Cindy, herself a venturesome soul, behind).

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Replica Valentino bags Does Not Like Spam: Yegor really hates pizza with pineapple on it, seeing it as a symbol of everything wrong with America/western culture He even captures and planned to kill a delivery person because she brought him a pizza with pineapple on it! Drives Like Crazy: Kyle, but only when he sneezes. Driven to Suicide: After downloading the internet and realizing that existence is meaningless, Dell Laptop promptly kills itself. Duct Tape for Everything: The Hobo uses Duct Tape to hold together the remains of Dell Laptop in the Year Three Finale. Dying Clue: Ian is sure that all of the drawings on Kyle’s murdered body are these. Eagleland: Jegor the KGB agent blends both kinds in his over the top attempt to blend in, loudly proclaiming how much he likes that one local sports team, barbecues, and patriotism, while blaming bad traffic on immigrants. CIA!Rachel still parodies this trope but sticks with flavor 1. Yegor: What, licence to kill? Everyone has license to kill. Replica Valentino bags

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